BORDER TO BORDER was shot in five states from the Border of Canada all the way down to Ensenada, Mexico over the course of a ten month period, on weekends and Holidays, while all the producers, director, writer and most of the crew held down full time jobs --mostly at Warner Bros.

Unable to afford office space, the producer took over a conference room on the side of stage 15 at Warner Bros.  They used it for over a year and no one even noticed.  Thus the origin of the name "STAGE 15 PRODUCTIONS".

This film was shot on 35mm film.  Kodak donated 85,000 feet of film for the production

Most Indie Films use less than 10 locations and shoot within 100 miles of where they live.  This film had 140 Locations from Canada to Mexico.

The cast and crew traveled over 8,500 miles during the making of the film.

The film was shot on location in Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada Arizona and Mexico.

The budget for this film was around the same as the budget for "SWINGERS" which was around a quarter of a million dollars.

Most Studio Executives who saw the film guessed our budget to be in the $5 Million dollars range.

The initial investment to start the film was only $19,000 which was used in the first 3 day shoot--the footage was used to gather more investors.

Wardrobe spent less than $350 dollars on the entire wardrobe for the cast. We were able to get most of it through product placement and the actors used some of their own clothing.

Total number of shooting days (including travel time to and from location):  43 days

The entire film was shot without PERMITS

The number of people on the "BORDER" crew during any shoot, ranged anywhere from 8 to 40 people.

Our three main actors and many people in the crew were found from DRAMALOGUE

There were 9 screenings at Warner Bros. and all were packed. (Theater seats 300 people- and most indie films screened at WB are lucky if they can get 50 people to show up) We had over 3000 over the 9 screenings. People were turned away at almost every screening.

Over 2000 people showed up for a screening in Sacramento, CA.

Panavision donated a camera for 29 out of the 43 days of the shoot.

Since we didn't shoot all the scenes with the BMW at the same time, we had some problems getting the same car, but no one seems to notice. There are actually 4 different BMW's used in the film. There was a older model BMW, a new Black BMW with Tan interior, a new BMW with Black Interior and even a DARK PURPLE BMW.

The red Miata in the film was actually Tom Whelan's (Director) car.

The battered old pickup used as the camera truck belongs to Brandon Hogan, the Executive Producer.




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