Neil Mather plays NEIL PEARSON, a fly by the seat of his pants guy who seems out of place on a battered old girls bike and the fact that he is wearing jeans and a flannel shirt. He is a Canadian on his way to Vegas and seems to have not put a lot of thought in his preparation. Neil is a very mysterious guy with lots of secrets and is always scamming to cut Corners

Neil Matherís Bio

(Producer, Writer, Actor)

If Neil Matherís love for filmmaking werenít so strong he would probably be the only 30-year-old batboy for the Arizona Diamondbacks. He grew up in Arizona watching sports and movies. If it wasnít for being a fat chub as a young teenager Neil might never have taken a chance as an actor. After attending the University of Arizona as a theater major he immediately moved out to Los Angeles in 1992. For the first couple of years Neil landed small, if you sneeze heís gone roles in a couple of big budget films but later moved on to bigger and better parts in movies that require and advanced search on the Internet. One of these parts was Neil Pearson in the feature film called Border to Border. After much success with the film festival circuit Neil decided to write and produce his own movie. Thousands of hours later and a sucker for punishment Neil is proud to present a wacky comedy called Fugly.


Neil is currently represented by Greg Zollo at NT Management (323) 954-3693

 as well as B.B.T. Agency (818) 753-5424


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