plays ALEX LOFTON, a self assured cycling expert returning from Canada after a long journey through the country and is now on his return to Lake Havasu. Alex personifies "anal retentive. He seems to like everything in neat little packages in his life and doesn't welcome surprises.

Justin has a Master's degree in Archaeology from the University of Pennsylvania, where he also was an NCAA All-American swimmer.

He is represented by the
Beverly Hills, CA (310-278-8070)

JUSTIN GORENCE Born in Rhodesia, reared in the United States, Justin has  been seen on MELROSE PLACE, and you may have seen him on CBS' daytime drama THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, as Peter Garrett, Phyllis' ever-faithful and always gullible boyfriend or on General Hospital as Dr. Dale Townsend- Summer, 2000. He is currently on Buffy, the Vampire Slayer --Orlando--recurring 2000-2001, and  So Little Time (Olsen twins show on the Fox family channel), as Coach Lee, February, 2001.   Along the way he has co-starred on FRASIER,  SLIDERS, PBS Children's series "THE EDDIE FILES" and is currently working on a movie with Sharon Lawrence. 


Justin recently appeared in  "THE MAJESTIC KID" at the Santa Clarita Repertory Theatre.  The LA TIMES reviewed the play and this is what they had to say about him:

"From the minute he burst through the door, the back-lit smoke obscuring his visage, Justin M. Gorence as the Loredo Kid shines more brightly than any spit-polished sheriff's badge

"Gorence--duded up in white fleece chaps over black jeans, a black cowboy shirt with red trim and embroidered  roses, and a black hat trimmed in silver-- saunters about with the right touch of laconic innocence and idealistic courage.  He's a man with a five o'clock shadow who's more likely to kiss a horse than a "gal".   And he's damn proud of it."

"Gorence charms as the often bewildered cowpoke, trying to define what script he and Arron are in and why Aaron isn't fighting the "redskins", and contemplating how the government officials became the bad guys.   Even when he sings in his unabashedly unmelodic voice, accompanied by cowpoke musicians, he's more likely to make you grin than wince************A MONJI-- LA TIMES



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