This Film is dedicated to the memory of:

Randy Gagne'
Alfred H. Barker
Dave Pearson

Special Thanks

Jeffrey Marchetta/Kelly Simpson-Panavision
Eastman Kodak
Morman Hollya
Attitude Adjuster-Acrobatic Center
Bryon Godwin
Jay May-Feature This
Nan McKown/Woody Woodward-Holiday Inn-Boardwalk-Vegas
Chris Robertson-Century Air
Tahoe Hacienda Motel
Miss Kitty's-Reno, NV
John Hussong
Gary Henson
Ray Grebowski
Caroline Yeh
Gene Zimmerman
Jeffery V. Heininger-Softride
Gary & Arleta Owens
Janelle Barker
Mark Pifer
Jeff Johnson
Pat Welch
David Dadon
Gary Tomak
Mickey Jones
Pat Doyle
Richard Kaplan
Greg Thagard
Jan & Jerry Howgrewe
Matt Kelly
SMS Generators
VDI Media
Angie Anderson
Seattle Ferry Commission
Mark Harding
Kenneth Horton/Stacy Anderson-Deal Thoughts
Daniel R. Padgett
Thomas Miller-Rustic Canyon Grocery & Grill
Filmaker's Resouces
Valyermo Studios
Jerry & Lorin Biederman
Danny Martinez
Janice Carr
Brian Reilly-CMS
Avon Truck Rentals
Gary's Towing
Media Ventures
Hans Zimmer
Harry Gregson-Williams
Mark Levy
Jay Rifkin
John Powell
Geoff Zamelli
Susie Curiel
Lucy & Jon Jiblonsky
George Telegadis
Sharon, Michelle, Ashley, & CJ
Crater Lake National Park
Crestline Community Towing & Auto Services
Pat McCormick
Lorene Simpson
Terry Hubbard
Brian English-Beverly Club
Camelback/Fastrak Systems
The McClure & Romero Families
Pappa Whelan
Hogan Ranch
Double 5 Ranch


Warner Bros. Studios -Burbank, CA

This film was shot on location in
Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona and Mexico



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