Famous Quotes

 from the Cast and Crew

Through all the obstacles we overcame in the year we filmed BORDER TO BORDER, there were those moments when someone would speak words of wisdom............ but mostly there were quotes that most of us would rather forget--- here are a few of our pearls of wisdom.

"What do you mean the Make-up lady is only here if we have a cameo"   Neil Mather

"Shooting a road movie is a difficult  undertaking under any circumstance, but to do so with the bare minimum of equipment and a mostly inexperienced crew borders on lunacy................  We'll make it work"   Amit Bhattacharya

"Amit did an incredible job on the film, considering he only had three lights, a C- Stand, and two gels. Tom Whelan"

"It sure was nice having Video play back....... for a week!!!!" Neil Mather

Momma!!! Momma!!! AHHHHHH The entire Cast and crew

"Rue McClanahan is the Jello queen.  She can easily tell you at least 101 different recipes using jello"  Christopher Dane Owens"

"It's BEAR CANDY---- If you want keep bears out of the camp, always remember to crap in a ZIP LOCK bag"
Brandon Hogan"

"What are we shooting tomorrow"   Neil Mather
"Who Knows, Corey will write it tonight! Tom Whelan"

"Whatever you do ---do not call him Booger" Neil Mather

"I'm the voice of the SOUTH!!" Ran Barker

"Jonathan Silverman has got to be the nicest man in Hollywood.  We asked him to climb a 25 ft tree, put a rope noose around his neck and jump off in front of a camera six times.  He just smiled and said THIS IS GOING TO BE FUNNY"               Christopher Dane Owens"

"The bathroom?........  There's a really nice bush over there."   Neil Mather

regarding Gary Owens--"I have great parents.  When I asked my dad to be in the movie, he said NO PROBLEM.  Then I asked if I could bring 27 crew members over to the house, turn my parents bedroom into a bordello and run powerlines through every conceivable window for 3 days of filming.  Once again he said SURE SON!!!! YOUR MOTHER AND I ARE HAPPY TO HELP OUT"     Christopher Dane Owens"



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